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GoAmerica to provide TRS in California

Associated Press/HACKENSACK, N.J.

GoAmerica to provide TRS in California

APRIL 25 11:18 A.M. ET GoAmerica Inc., a communications service provider for the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and speech disabled, said on Tuesday its telecommunications relay service (TRS) will be used in California under a state contract held by Nordia and two other companies.

Nordia, which also provides services for people with hearing and speech problems, used its own TRS service called, but will now switch to GoAmerica's TRS service.

TRS allows the deaf to use a web-enabled handheld device or computer to place calls connected to a relay operator. The relay operator calls the requested number, reads the deaf caller's text message to the recipient, and then types the other party's response back to the deaf caller.